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The bride wore silk organza… November 8, 2010

Posted by missalid in In Awe, The details.
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 and so will I.

 I picked a dress!!! Yay for me!!! After trying on what may have been 60 or so dresses over the last three weeks, I finally chose “the” dress on Saturday.

It was an interesting adventure getting to “the one”. I knew going in I didn’t want a corset-style back, no pickups, and I didn’t want to look like a princess. I am a princess, but I do not want to look like I stepped out of a Disney movie.

I did want my mother to be happy with my decision, so she came to a few appointments with me. My mother is a tricky one, she likes things classically plain and simple, and my biggest fear was getting to the front of the chapel and have her look me up and down like I was some fool. She’s done it before (senior prom, circa ’91), I just couldn’t have her do it to me on my wedding day.

So when I rounded the corner at Bridal Galleria on Saturday, my best friend’s reaction, coupled with my mom’s (were those tears in her eyes? or did she just finish yawning?) and two women sitting there waiting on their friend, did it for me. I felt like a bride, and looked like one too.

Now to lose half my body weight by the time the dress arrives in March!