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The List July 27, 2010

Posted by missalid in Martha Martha Martha Stewart!, Organization 1-2-3, Wedding Planning and More.

One of the first things I thought about when The Don and I got engaged was who I wanted at our wedding and who I did not (no need for a Vesta-type situation). In my mind I saw our relatives and closest friends, perhaps 80 to 100 people. Intimate. Sorta.

While bored in a meeting during week one post-engagement, I scribbled down some names of my friends and their plus ones, and in some instances plus three or four, if they had children, their parents were close to me, etc. Suddenly my list was 100 people alone. Just my little handwritten list formulated while in an hour-long afternoon meeting.

Fear set in. I asked The Don to begin scribbling out a list. I may as well have asked him to fly to the moon. I started a list for him in Excel, but found my dementia would set in. “What in the hell is Fly G’s real name?” and “Is it Uncle Danny or Denny?” and “Why don’t I know Parker’s first name?” And why must men address each other by their last name or funny nicknames? And damn it, why haven’t I been taking notes throughout our courtship?! I should have had everyone’s name, nicknames and such on individual index cards! I should have been on top of this!

Then I found the most perfect online solution via my hero, Martha Stewart.

With the Martha Stewart Weddings Guest List Planning Tool powered by WeddingWire, I used the Contact Importer tool which allowed me to import my friend’s and family’s contact names and email addresses. Then with the ease of clicking whom I wanted info from, the Address Collector tool sent a customized email to each contact with a request to update their mailing address for our upcoming nuptials. The address information was then automatically updated into our guest list. Voila! No more guessing if Aunt Marlene lives on Oak Street, Avenue or Drive. She can confirm it for me!

Plus I can keep track of future information, such as who is attending the wedding and reception, rehearsal dinner, special food requirements, who is on the bride’s or groom’s side, gifts received, if they’re invited to any showers, and so much more.

Did I mention it’s totally FREE! Yay, no additional line item in the wedding budget!

It was easy as pie. I had The Don import his email contacts and off I went. In a snap I had a list, had emails out and addresses coming in, and could keep track of those replied and not. Within 30 minutes of having The Don upload his people, I had a pristine list downloaded to Excel.

That’s all I really wanted. Names on paper, sorted and organized.

However, our list now stands at 260 and continues to climb. Yeah, I know…

Next up, to trim, trim, trim!



1. ames - July 27, 2010

Technology is our friend- sometimes.

I always wanted to get married at the Chapel at Mill’s College, since my teen years. I like that outdoor in the woods feel. I had too many guests. So I got married in the real outdoors and rented chairs.

Have fun planning. I still smile when I reflect/read my old blogs on the excitement of it all.

2. Tiffany In Houston - July 28, 2010

I needed this about 2 months ago! Google has one similar to this but I didn’t care for it. I forgot about Martha!

Good luck with trimming that guest list. I’m still adding folks..*sigh*

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