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Meet The Don July 26, 2010

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Isn’t he just adorable? Look at those dimples! Did I mention he’s super smart too? *swoon*

I could go on and on and on about how wonderful he is AND how wonderful he is to me. I would be here all day.

The Don and I met online; he reached out to me first. At the time I was feeling very “ehh” about online dating, but I had a goal of “just dating” and wanting to meet new people. I was going out a ton, trading numbers and all, but not making any real connections. Time and time again, I would come home after a night on the town and think, “really?!” To be honest, I was probably feeling “ehh” about everything and myself.

I had tried the online dating world years back circa 2002 – when folks actually requested to speak with one another on the phone and then perhaps meet in person for at least a beverage of choice. But this time around, it seemed to be an endless cycle of guys emailing one or two half-thought out lines or “winking” (a way of not having to type a single solitary letter response), and never as much as trying to meet in person, let alone hear my voice. I found it to be peculiar and just another “womp, womp, womp” in the struggle of dating.

The Don first sent me a note on May 15, 2009 (ding, ding!) and mentioned he also just finished reading the Malcolm Gladwell book I wrote about in my profile. I thought “nice banter but whatev…” (read: “ehh”). Being I have proper home training, I emailed him back with a “thanks for contacting”, and some other witty Miss Ali D repartee. 

And so began the great email communication between The Don and Miss Ali D.

For almost three weeks.

He’s a patient man.

I almost wrote him off, when he finally suggested we meet in person. And from drinks to dinner to closing the restaurant down, so it commenced. He asked me out, again and again and again. Every few days. He pursued me. He courted me.

On what may have been our third or fourth date, to a Tuesday night after work movie, me being the I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T (do you know what that means) woman I am, thought well here’s the date when I am to open my wallet and I buy some tickets or perhaps some snacks (read: “conditioning”). Because that’s how it seems to be these days. Especially with men in the West, many of whom are known to stand there and not reach for their wallet. I arrived and there he stood with tickets in hand. I remember having a hankering for some Sour Patch Kids and making my way to the snack line when The Don held up a snack bar bag full of treats.

“I took the liberty of getting a little of everything – I wasn’t sure if you liked chocolate or fruity or what,” he said.

I stood there in awe. He’s proactive.

Now it’s not about being flattered by $5 worth of snacks or $10 worth of movie tickets, but The Don reassured me that old-school chivalry is not dead.

So yes, I was flattered. It’s the little things.

As lovely as our early dates continued to be (candlelight dinners where time stood still and we continued to close down restaurants to brunches galore), I was still side eye-ing him wondering if there was some trickery involved. He wasn’t trying to get inside my house after our dates. I thought, “odd” (read: “conditioning”) and at the same time knew it was quite nice.

About a month in, on one particular evening out The Don said, “Miss Ali D… I feel really good about this and about you.” He went to say he hadn’t been out with anyone else since meeting me. And then he said it, “I hope you will one day be my future girlfriend, my future wife, my future everything.”

Just like that. A proclamation which kept me walking on air for at least 48 hours straight. I was smitten. Honestly I had been since date two, but was afraid to really let my guard down. In that moment I was truly reassured about my feelings for him.

I reiterate all this to say, it’s been so easy. Like Sunday morning, easy. There was never a question of “what are we doing?”, “am I your girlfriend?”, “where have you been?” Never.

He is honest and true. He’s giving. He trusts me. He speaks his mind. He is no pushover. He says what he is going to do and not, and sticks to it. He’s there for me when I need him, and even when I don’t think I do. He’s treated me like a queen since the moment I said, “Hi, I’m Miss Ali D”.

He loves me.

My friends and family adore him (*let me pause here for a moment* Let me say something about friends and mamas – who are not haters in general – being “ehh” about someone – take note and believe them). 

I love him.

The Don. My future husband. 



1. CreoleInDC - July 26, 2010

He sounds like my Robinator. LOL! I.LOVE.LOVE. and I’m soooooooo happy it found you!

2. ames - July 26, 2010

JOY!!! for the Don. I can read the singing in your heart through your writing,

3. Tiffany In Houston - July 26, 2010

This is an AWESOME love story!

4. SimplyB - July 27, 2010

So lovely! I am going to enjoy reading your posts.

5. MrsTDJ - July 27, 2010

Awww, I just loved reading that, especially, “I reiterate all this to say, it’s been so easy. Like Sunday morning, easy. There was never a question of “what are we doing?”, “am I your girlfriend?”, “where have you been?” Never.” The Don sounds wonderful!

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