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We are now 3… March 7, 2013

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I haven’t blogged in forever and a day. And now I have a reason.

World, meet our daughter “BE” (her initials), born on the magical 12-12-12 (my mom’s birthday! Thank goodness, as I had yet to buy her a gift. I think the baby – her first grandchild – makes up for it!).



A pic of BE on our way home from the hospital



At 2 months, BE in the morning!


Our wedding in just under four minutes January 5, 2012

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I haven’t posted in forever… however, we recently received our wedding video and I thought I’d share the highlights.

Things got a little out of control… July 14, 2011

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But the wedding turned out better than I could have ever imagined. Nevertheless here’s the results,  a few photos via our photographer!



The bridesmaid dress January 28, 2011

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It has been determined… and it was relatively cheap (for bridesmaid dresses, in my opinion).

In the color platinum, this B2 dress is poly chiffon, and I believe will look quite lovely accompanying my silk organza number. We also intend on blinging up the shoulder with a flashy brooch of some sort. I’m sure I’ll be on etsy soon enough looking for the most fabu shiny thing. 

Also My ladies in waiting will also carry bouquets of pink peonies, something like these.

So there it is… my vision is coming to life!

The “official” wedding stamp December 13, 2010

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At least for our save the dates… perhaps another pose for the invitations.

We took engagement photos! December 9, 2010

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One of my faves…

First time November 11, 2010

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I just wrote The Don as my “in case of emergency” while filling out a form this morning.

It’s the little things that make me smile.

The bride wore silk organza… November 8, 2010

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 and so will I.

 I picked a dress!!! Yay for me!!! After trying on what may have been 60 or so dresses over the last three weeks, I finally chose “the” dress on Saturday.

It was an interesting adventure getting to “the one”. I knew going in I didn’t want a corset-style back, no pickups, and I didn’t want to look like a princess. I am a princess, but I do not want to look like I stepped out of a Disney movie.

I did want my mother to be happy with my decision, so she came to a few appointments with me. My mother is a tricky one, she likes things classically plain and simple, and my biggest fear was getting to the front of the chapel and have her look me up and down like I was some fool. She’s done it before (senior prom, circa ’91), I just couldn’t have her do it to me on my wedding day.

So when I rounded the corner at Bridal Galleria on Saturday, my best friend’s reaction, coupled with my mom’s (were those tears in her eyes? or did she just finish yawning?) and two women sitting there waiting on their friend, did it for me. I felt like a bride, and looked like one too.

Now to lose half my body weight by the time the dress arrives in March!

Singing, singing, singing! October 11, 2010

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Decisions, Decisions, Done! October 7, 2010

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Don’t get it twisted, I have been planning and getting things in place. Yeah I’ve been to Disneyland and California Adventure where I was a VIP at Gay Days Disney, but I have been on the job!

I can’t lie though, I was dragging my feet a bit – hence I lost our original wedding date of May 14. However, it’s now an even better day, May 21 – not only an auspicious date on the Chinese calendar but also Judgment Day. Yes, Jesus will return just in time for my wedding. At least that’s what Google tells me.

I decided I wanted a quintessential San Francisco wedding. The Don is originally from Philadelphia, and my family and friends are spread from California to the east coast as well. I hated to think about having scads of people fly into one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and have a wedding in Redwood City or Mountain View. I wanted San Francisco, darn it (something I had to actually say during a family dinner were I was called a Bridezilla). And a view of my beloved City by the Bay (queue Journey!)

And that’s what I shall have.

I searched HereComestheGuide.com and found many venues – some great, and some not so great. It’s amazing how hard it is to find a venue with a view. I did a lot of site checks, first up on my wish list, the Flood Mansion. Perhaps you don’t know me very well, but those who do, would know the word “mansion” on my wedding invitation would have me sold. In the tony Pacific Heights neighborhood of the City, the Flood Mansion is the spot to hold a party. But the joint is booked up months in advance – through July of next year when I inquired way back in August. And I would have to provide valet parking for my guests, to the tune of at least $2400 (a budget line item I wasn’t ready for), and the venue fee is $8500. Yes, just to open the doors and tune on the lights for you.

So I passed.

But I did go right down the street to the other manse, the Hamlin Mansion. A girl’s day school during the week, wedding and party venue on the weekends – it looked like the set of a Harry Potter movie when I looked around. Plus I didn’t like the idea of my guests sipping cocktails, looking out the windows at the Golden Gate Bridge and then seeing a playground and jungle gym down below.

I passed on that one too.

Then I took The Don to the City Club (his first site visit – I doled them out appropriately so not to overwhelm him) in the financial district. Loved the art deco interior, the grand staircase and the lush two-story fresco by Diego Rivera. But the photos online of “the view” were deceiving. The City Club’s set up would have us marrying on the 10th floor, upstairs to the 11th for dinner, then back down stairs to the 10th for cake and dancing. Did I mention a lot of my guests and family fall into that geriatric league? I could totally foresee my mother never seeing me cut the cake, or not folks not enjoying the dance floor, because they were upstairs. I know my crowd.

So I moved on. I looked into the Fairmont Hotel (booked beyond belief) and other venues here and there. Who knew it was more than $10K to use Grace Cathedral up on Nob Hill. It was booked too, but I could use the side chapels for upwards of $7500. Who knew…? I just wondered. I guess now I know.

Actually I picked the first venue I looked at, shortly after getting engaged.

My father was retired military. Growing up each and every Saturday afternoon, after my dance lessons my mother, grandmother and I would venture to the Presidio (and other bay area bases) to do our shopping and have lunch. Sometimes my dad would come with us and take me to feed the ducks while my mother finished up her errands. I was even born at the base hospital. Tax-free benefits. I suppose the post is close to my heart in some ways. The Presidio is now a national recreation center and most of the base facilities and buildings are used for non-profits, businesses, museums and other historical sites. Did I mention the Don worked in one of the Presidio buildings up until 2009?

I always dreamed my father would walk me down the aisle. Since he’s passed on, I thought what better way to pay tribute to my Dad by have my wedding and reception in a place that symbolizes so much about him to me.

And even better, I’m getting my wish to have the ceremony and reception in one place – remembering my geriatric crew in wheelchairs and walkers. No need to move your car – park once, party all night long.

The Don and I will marry at Presidio Main Post Chapel, and then our guests will walk down the hill to the Golden Gate Club for the reception festivities.

I got the view I wanted. Parking is free. I get to pay homage to Vernon. The Don likes it.

I am delighted!